Friday, October 01, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen……

I suppose the most appropriate and predictable thing to do now is post a small introduction about myself. So here goes….

I’m not going to bother!

The reason behind this decision is simple. Poker is a game of incomplete information. Those people who I have made acquaintances or friends with whilst playing poker, already know enough about me. Anything or anyone else is largely irrelevant.

My level of experience, where I play, the games and limits I play at, will all be revealed in future entries.

This diary has been created for purely selfish reasons. I want to become a better poker player. By recording my failures and successes, and the thought processes going on behind them, I hope to gain a better understanding of myself.

This (hopefully) does not mean that no-one else can gain beneficial information here. It could be of particular use to people with very little experience to playing poker. Over the years, many people have influenced me. I intend to make the challenge of learning this remarkable game a little easier by providing links to web-sites created by these equally remarkable people. I also intend to post my own opinions on eye-catching articles/discussions found on the web today, as well as my own trip reports (also known as epics) of live tournaments.

There is no doubt in my mind that over time some of the later entries will contradict some of my earlier posts. This is the inevitable nature of learning.

All comments are welcome, especially constructive criticism. I try to keep an open mind…. And an open wallet!


Blogger DOMIT said...


Nice to see that you decided to share your excellent writing! :-)

Will watch this space ;)


12:54 am  

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